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Rental Conditions

The lessor leaves the lessee a serviced, roadworthy vehicle. The vehicle is insured for liability under the applicable general conditions for motor insurance (AKB) with unlimited cover (maximum liability of € 7.5 million per person in case of personal injury).

1. Regulation of the vehicle management
The vehicle may be driven by the lessee, his employed professional drivers and by the drivers specified in the rental agreement. The lessee has to represent the actions of the respective driver as his own. If the rented vehicle is managed by a person who is not listed in the rental agreement, the hirer must be liable in full in the event of damage.

2. Handling of the leased property
The lessee must treat the vehicle with care and comply with all regulations that derive from its use. In particular, attention must be paid to oil pressure and water temperature. If, during the rental period, a repair is necessary or other difficulties occur, the lessor is to be notified immediately. Repair orders are to be given after prior agreement with the lessor. Repairs that are necessary due to normal wear and tear are the responsibility of the lessor, unless caused by improper handling or negligence of the lessee. Rents claims of the lessee from further repairs are excluded. Damages caused to the tires are also excluded. Damage to glass and frost will, in any case, be charged to the lessee.

3. Damage to your own vehicle
The hirer is liable for damages occurring during the rental period on the vehicle hired by him up to an amount of € 1,000 per claim.

4. Damage to other vehicles and objects
The lessor advises that if the lessee causes a damage or accident, the lessee’s motor vehicle liability insurance generally covers the damages of the other party and compensates the damage, exceeding  € 500. The lessor covers up to to € 500,-. The lessee hereby undertakes to reimburse the lessor for the damage actually incurred and paid, but not more than € 500 per claim. The hirer may limit the amount of damage compensation for damages to other vehicles and objects for damage caused by him to 155, - € per claim by this separately agreed and paid for this an additional exemption premium. If the lessee causes damage intentionally or through gross negligence, he shall be liable for the entire damage incurred (on his own vehicle as well as on the other vehicle or object) regardless of the performance of the insurance. Driver, passengers and transported goods or luggage are not insured. The lessor is not liable for claims arising from the entrainment of persons or property. The above deductibles can be excluded by paying an exemption premium.

5. Behaviour after the occurrence of damage
In case of accidents, immediately inform the police. The lessee may not sign a declaration of guilt and has to inform the lessor immediately and to inform about the accident. If the lessee omits the damage report, he is liable in full. The name and address of the parties and witnesses are to be recorded by the lessee. In the event of an accident occurring during the rental period, the lessee undertakes to assign to the lessor the claims for damages, with the exception of claims for damages for pain and suffering. The lessee indemnifies the lessor from any claims for damages for damage caused to the transported goods. If damage to the rented vehicle is caused by the cargo, the lessee is liable to the lessor for the damage incurred to the full extent.

6. Reimbursement
In case of an accident, the lessor, regardless of who caused the accident, responds to high administrative costs. For this purpose, he can charge the lessee an all-inclusive sum per damage event.

7. Return of the rental object
The return of the vehicle must take place at the time of the agreed rental period at the lessor’s business place. The return of the vehicle outside business hours is at the lessee's own risk.
From the moment of return, out of office hours, until the next opening hours, the lessee is liable in any case for any damage to the vehicle.

8. Pre-orders
Pre-orders of vehicles are binding. However, the vehicle does not need to be kept ready by the lessor for more than one hour after the agreed start of the journey. The lessor is not liable from the pre-order if the pre-ordered vehicle for reasons that the lessor is not responsible for, is not operational.

9. Rental costs
The rental costs are shown overleaf and do not include VAT. Unless the rental costs are listed in detail, they are based on the current price list of the lessor. The estimated rent and a deposit are to be paid in advance. If a pre-ordered vehicle is not used, the lessor may withhold advance payments made and charge with the rental claim. If the vehicle can subsequently be rented for the agreed period, the deposit will be refunded. In the case of a return of the vehicle before the end of the agreed rental period, the full rental price is payable by the lessee. If the lessee requires the vehicle beyond the agreed rental period, this is only possible after prior consultation with the lessee. The lessee has to pay damages for waiting times and delays caused by himself. In case of failure of the odometer, the lessor must be notified immediately and prompt the immediate repair in the nearest special workshop. Any intentional violation of the seals and the kilometre counter will be prosecuted. The lessor is entitled in this case, for each started day of the rental period, a driving distance of 600km as driven basis and calculate. The lessor is entitled to terminate the lease with immediate effect and to take possession of the vehicle if the lessee violates the contract or if after the conclusion of the contract, the unreliability of the lessee turns out.

Supplementary terms and conditions for motorhomes

1. Regulation of the vehicle guidance
The minimum age of authorised drivers is 21. The presentation of the valid driver's license is required when picking up the vehicle and have been obtained at least 2 years before. The motorhome may only be used by those who have provided evidence of the valid driving license. The lessee is obliged to give name and address of all drivers. Failure to comply with the above conditions, the lessee is liable in unlimited amount. Driving license class B / 3 is sufficient.

2. Handling of the leased property
The vehicle must be handled carefully and properly, and must be properly closed. The relevant regulations and technical rules must be observed. Damage, which is not noted in the handover protocol, is at the expense of the lessee. Our motorhomes are non-smoking vehicles. With consideration for allergy sufferers carrying pets in the vehicles is unfortunately not possible. If this is not respected by the lessee, he is responsible for additional cleaning and treatment costs.

3. Conditions of insurance / damage to own vehicle
The vehicles are covered by liability insurance (€ 100 million flat-rate). The full and partial comprehensive insurance includes a deductible of € 1,000, - per claim.

4. Handover / return / cleaning
The lessee receives a detailed motorhome briefing before starting the journey. A handover log and a checklist are created, in which the condition of the vehicle is described.
The vehicle can be picked up from Monday to Friday between 15:00 and 17:00 and returned between 09:00 and 11:00. Other times by arrangement. Rental period extensions must be agreed by phone with the lessor. All vehicles will be handed over with a full tank and are also to be returned full of diesel fuel. The tank gauge serves as proof.
The motorhome cleaned inside and outside by the lessor. Upon return we would like to get the vehicle back with a cleaned interior, emptied sewage, fresh water tank and emptied toilet. If the vehicle in the interior is heavily contaminated, we charge a cleaning fee of up to € 150, -. This is in addition to the emptying and cleaning of the toilet. The exterior cleaning is included in the service fee. It is possible to book the interior cleaning when renting.

5. Preorder
Reservations are only binding after written confirmation by the lessor. After that we need within 14 days a deposit of 25% of the rent, but at least € 250, -.

6. Deposit / rent
The deposit of € 1.000, - to be deposited before renting can be reduced to € 250, - by taking out insurance (protection. letter-insurance). The deposit and rent payment is made in advance by bank transfer, or in cash. The deposit will be refunded if the vehicle is undamaged and in good conditions, at the end of the rental period, by bank transfer to the lessee’s account. Additional expenses (por example cleaning costs, toilet cleaning, refuelling, damages, etc.) will be deducted from the deposit. Repairs resulting from a damage event can be billed to the lessor on the basis of a estimated cost. Until the final clarification of the amount of the costs, the lessor has the right to withhold the deposit.

7. Travel countries
International trips to the countries: Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Finland, England, France, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Luxembourg, Lichtenstein, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Portugal, San Marino, Scotland, Sweden, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Vatican City and Wales are allowed. Rides outside the listed countries as well as war and crisis areas are prohibited.

8. Prohibited uses, due diligence and custody
The vehicle must be handled carefully and properly (this includes, in particular, checking the oil level, water level and tire pressure) and properly closed. The relevant regulations and technical rules must be observed. The lessee is obliged to check regularly if the vehicle is in a drive-safe condition. It is prohibited to use the vehicle to participate in motorsport events and vehicle testing; to carry explosives, flammable, toxic, radioactive or any dangerous substances; to consume customs and other offences, even if they are punishable only by the law of the crime scene; to sublease or loan; and for any other uses which go beyond the contractual use, in particular on non-driving terrain. Likewise, the lessee may not make any technical changes to the vehicle.

9. Storage and transfer of personal data
The lessee agrees that his personal data is stored by the lessor. Disclosure to third parties is only permitted to an appropriate extent if false information is provided during the rental, the rented motorhome is not used or returned in accordance with the agreement, claims by the lessor are not properly fulfilled, or if there is any unlawful conduct against the lessee or whoever is operating a procedure.

10. Final clauses
Changes and additions to the concluded rental agreement are only valid after written confirmation by lessees and lessors. Should a contract provision be ineffective, the contract remains otherwise valid. The place of performance is the lessor’s location. If the lessee is an entrepreneur within the meaning of § 14 BGB, a legal entity under public law or a special fund under public law, the exclusive place of jurisdiction is the place of business of the lessor for all claims arising out of or on the basis of this contract. The same applies to persons who have no general place of jurisdiction in Germany or persons who have relocated their place of residence or habitual residence outside of Germany after conclusion of the contract or whose domicile or habitual residence is not known at the time of the filing of the complaint. However, the lessor may in these cases, at his discretion,  sue the lessee.

Jurisdiction for both parts is Hanover.
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